Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Hello !

Woow, its almost the end of November, and within a month we will b wishing every one a very happy 2010.
I don't know, but this year seemed to have simply flown by. Specially the last three months.

After my wedding this was the first time I was involved in a number of community and cultural events, that kept me pretty busy. It was as though I was running a marathon,or some kind of an obstacle race. Balancing all that, along with the house, I actually did not get time to cook, leave alone cook fancy. Hence no recipe updates on my blog. Not to say I did not cook at all, but it was just the basics, my poor hubby dear had to eat a lot of frozen......

My first event was a fundraiser for an organisation I volunteer with . Its called Ekal Vidyalay. A non-profit organisation, that supports schools in the rural parts of India. The fundraiser marked the beginning of the San Diego chapter.
I was a volunteer in the organising committee. So that involved a ton of work. The show was in the middle of September and went off really well.

For the next two months, I was involved in three cultural events, all one after the other. The first was a play by a group called Sdnari. A women's group, supporting women that are subjected to domestic violence etc. My character was that of a friend. Though a very small role, it involved evening practises.
Simultaneously, there was a Diwali celebration. A cultural evening organised by the San diego Marathi mandal group. We were performing a marathi dance for this one.
Though pretty taxing, but this one was real fun. We got our costumes from India.
In case any one wants to see the dance, it can be checked out here

My last and the most important participation was in a cultural show called Rang Tarang. Its an Indian cultural show put up by Qualcomm. One of the largest IT companies in San Diego.
This is the one that I enjoyed the most and was closest to my heart.

The theme was our very own Bollywood, - Hindi movies. The directors came up with this great idea of interspersing an entire play with songs and dances and bhangra along with audio visuals, it was total "paise wassol". The play had all the elements of a hindi movie masala. There was a hero, a heroine, a villain. There was betrayal, agony, and offcourse, at the end there was a happy ending.

So after three months of full blown activities, and then getting things back into routine, I am finally figuring out my blogging world.

Hope all of you'll are doing well and getting ready for the holiday seasons.
Will get back to my recipe posting soon.

Till then,Happy cooking and blogging