Thursday, October 1, 2009

Event Entry

It actually seems sooooo long ago, that I actually took part in any blog events, weird. It was high time I felt more involved. each time I saw an event, I use to think to myself that I will make something special for the event and I somehow never got around doing that. This time when I saw Jihva for Ingredients ~ 2009-2010,hosted by Divya of Dil Se . I put off my procrastination, and decided to send in one of my archived recipes

So guys here are my recipes for the event.

Her theme is Rajhma, my all time favourite. Nothing like a sunday afternoon lunch of Rajhma chawal.....and sleeping after that......I called that Bliss....

I am sending in Rajhma Masala

Enjoy it with chapati, parantha, or as I said with plain rice.

More later
happy Cooking.