Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Me and my pregnancy

As an old saying goes, for men may come and men may go but time goes on forever.......

It just felt like that, today when I actually logged on to finally get my blog going again. It felt like the blogging world just doesn't stop, it goes on forever. I last logged in January......god!!! But there were other things much much more important to take care of.

The biggest change that could happen in a woman's life, that could actually turn things around is- Pregnancy. From physical to emotional, to hormonal, name it and pregnancy comes with it all. For me its not been even one bit different. In my third trimester now, everything seems to be going well, except that I was diagnosed with Gestational diabetes. Another solid reason for not getting on to the food blogs, as all it would do is trigger more cravings and hunger.

The sugar test is usually done around 28 weeks, when mine came back positive and they asked me to do a three hour Glucose tolerance test, I was in a state of denial. I searched the Internet about why and how could I get Gestational Diabetes. I was frustrated and sad.
Thanks to my husband,who talked to me and helped me come to terms with the situation and told me to take control of it all.
On my doctors reccomendation I met with a Diabetic educator, who would explain me about carb counting and would ask me to test my sugar 4 times a day. They gave me a two week period, where in if levels would not be normal I would have to take insulin. That was yet another ordeal. And the ironical part was, that I have been a Nutritional counsellor myself 4 years back when I was working in India. I was totally bumped.
My meeting with the Diabetic educator went off well. She told me about counting carbs, restricting my intake to 30 gms for breakfast and snacks, and 45-60 gms, for lunch and dinner.
She gave me a glucometer and told me to monitor my sugar levels, four times a day, which included fasting, and post meals.
I took this up as a challenge. Being a Nutritional counsellor, helped. I must say. After two weeks when I went to my doctor, he was pleasantly surprised and happy, that my levels were well under control and the baby measured fine too.
Its been two months now, and I am just four weeks away from my due date, and I have managed to keep my levels under control. offcourse with a lot of monitoring, yoga and walks.
It does get taxing at times, specially when you go out with friends. But its all worth the effort.
That is why I was avoiding all food blogs and updates, as it would have added fuel to the fire.......!!!
The sample diet that I got from the Diabetic educator was very generic. It simply divided the carbs through out the day. But I needed something that fit our Indian eating pattern. I searched for diet samples online and did not find anything that catered to our Indian palate.
So I thought it would be a good idea to simply write down what I ate and put it up on my blog. Just in case someone needed help with planning menus during Gestational Diabetes.
Because I eat non-veg, it became a lot more easier to plan and count my carbs. So from now on, I will share a few sample menus on my blog, which I think might be a little helpful for Indian pregnant women suffering from Gestational Diabetes.
The waiting game has begun for me. And I hope and pray everything goes well.
More later.