Thursday, May 7, 2009

I am off to Seattle

This is sooooo funny. Right now I am at the airport and updating my blog. I did not know I would get Internet connection at the airport. But now that I have it, I might as well make the best of it.
This year has been all a blur. We are already five months through. And we did not take any vacations. So we decided to take one. Destination-Seattle.

I have heard so much about Seattle, the greenery, the food scene, and the place in general, that we have been wanting to go there for a while now. Hopefully we will make the best out the three days we have.

I have thought about updating my blog with all the stuff I do in Seattle, that is only if I am able to get on to use my husbands laptop......probably once he is off to bed.

So on that note, here is me signing off. And look out for my posts about my take on Seattle.

chow and happy cooking to all.

Just for any readers who know Seattle, would appreciate if you'll could give me the non-touristy stuff to do in Seattle. I will link back to you'll in my posts.


Cham said...

Have fun in Seattle :)

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Uma said...

Enjoy your vacation Karuna! Have fun :)