Friday, August 14, 2009

A Crashed Laptop,some lost pictures and HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY

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Scene 1: I get back and I am all excited to update my blog with all the latest posts.

Scene 2: I plug my camera to upload all the yummy pics of Masala idly, Sev puri and a yummy birthday cake. Save it.

After a gap of three hours.

Scene 3: I turn my laptop on, and get this blue screen with a weird message. Don't understand word of it, and try to reboot it again.
Entry of my husband. (office laptop in hand)

Husband: "what happened? what's that message?

Me: i don't know, all I was doing was uploading some pics.

Husband reads message, googles it on his laptop and gives his verdict.

Husband: Our hard drive just crashed. We will loose all data.

Me: what? what about the pictures?

Husband: I think we will loose all that. (repents), why dint we back up all this? A mistake.

Both of us (specially me), extremely sad.

As of now: Laptop is back with a new hard drive. And husband's colleague is trying to retrieve data. Hope he succeeds.

Well so that has been my story for the last three days. Pictures are the most priced possessions and we have seem to have lost all that. But I am hopefull.

As for the pictures for my blog, my husband suggests I make all that again and take new pictures. I guess that is a possibility.

So I guess that is that. I have to update my blog from here onwards, and forget about the old stuff.

Will get on with it soon. Some cooking over the weekend and some new pictures.

Till then


Vande mataram.


nidhi said...

hmmm...lesson for others too...gonna take backup for my pics soon....

Sonalida said...

Hi, my first visit to your blog, I am so sorry about the trouble you had with your laptop, I hope you will start backing up you photos.
I will keep checking for more of your posts. Please stop by my blog and leave your comment, and have a cup of tea with me.