Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Baby and more

Motherhood is sure not a piece of cake.....hats off to all the mothers in this entire universe.

Though my little one is almost ten months old now, I still don't seem to find time.

Cooking has come down to the basics, getting two meals on the table is what my aim is. Leave alone the fact that it needs to be anything fancy or anything new for that matter.

Blogging..........I feel sad to abandon my blog like this. It was after all my first baby.........

So when I mentioned this to my husbands aunt, she suggested I start blogging about home made baby food. Not a bad idea, but I wonder if baby food makes for good food photography? something to think about.

Well just to keep my blog up and running, and keep all my dear friends and followers still hooked on to foodie by nature, I thought it wont be a bad idea to slip in a few baby food recipes. Till the time I can get back my culinary flare that is.

So on that note look out for a few "yummy for my tummy" gourmet baby foods, as I would call them.

Yummy smoothie recipe coming soon.


G.Pavani said...

i agree with you dear motherhood is not like a piece of cake. i have too kids who revolves around me all the times.but we cant describe that feeling..take time and come back..

pragati said...

motherhood taught me to respect and love my mother even more...i have a six month dolly..totally adorable. i shall really appreciate home made baby food. please specify the age for which u shall recommend the food.

flytouch 3 said...

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