Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Last year in November, I visited India for my cousins wedding. We all know wedding in India can be a lot of fun but can get a little overwhelming at times. So before all the celebrations started, we planned a small getaway trip to Amritsar (a city in the state of Punjab -India)

Amritsar, big on the tourists list of places to visit in India, is home to the famous GOLDEN TEMPLE. A city with history, a vibrant culture, and lots of good food.

Because the golden temple is a holy shrine, none of the eating joints in its vicinity serve non vegetarian food. But one doesn't need it. All that one needs is a good appetite, for some good, rustic north Indian food.

Our guide was my mom. Amritsar is her birthplace. So she was very excited to be there, and see how much it had changed in almost two decades. At her time there was a very famous "dhaba" (let me see, how should I translate that......simply put, a roadside diner.........ya a diner). Popularly known as "bhrawan da dhaba" or brothers restaurant.

We entered the place and it was bustling with people, more so tourists. We couldnt wait to order the specialities........AMRITSARI KULCHA, DAL MAKHANI, MAKKI KI ROTI SARSO KA SAAG.........oh my goodness. Everything was sizzling hot, and full of flavour. the butter on the dal, the soft kulchas melting in the mouth, the crisp tandoori roti with melted butter glistening on top.....it was just too good. and to add to all this, my brother ordered for rice pudding or kheer. hummmmmm, was it good or WAS IT GOOD...

Dinner was at MAKHAN MACHI WALLA (literally translated to fish with butter). Located in the central part of the city on Lawrence road. this place is famous for its soft, succulent fish,coated in a batter of gram-flour and egg, and then fried. for all those who love to snack with there drinks this is an awesome snack. our dinner ended with the most famous dessert, the fruit cream. served in ice cream cups, it simply soothed out taste buds, with its cool and creamy texture.

Next morning our breakfast was again at the "dhaba', after which we headed out of Amritsar.

For anyone who enjoys good food, and has a good appetite, Amritsar is a place to be. Its a foodie paradise, with a lot of good food to taste,and enjoy. I loved it.

Next time in Amritsar, don't forget to go to BHRAWAN DA DHABA and MAKHAN MACHI WALLA , apart from all the other food expeditation. And offcourse taste the famous fruit cream on Lawrence road.

Put your diet aside, forget the numbers on your weighing scale and give your taste buds a treat of a lifetime.

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notyet100 said...

wow,...yummy food...nd by the description can mke out it mus be real tasty,..enjoyed readin every bit of it,..:-)