Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Right now, I am at my brother's place. He stays in the san fernando valley in tarzana. My husband is travelling for nearly a week, so I decided to take a week off too. Don't know how regular I will be updating my blog, for a week, but as practise, I am posting my menu.
Though this week, I will not cook too much on my own, but I would still try. My main aim however is too actually enjoy the eating scene in the valley, as there are loads of places to check out. So hopefully I would be able to update my blog with all the eating endeveours I take on during this week. Meanwhile here is my menu for the week.

Mon: moong (gujarati style) with aloo payaz ki subzi (potato and onions vegetable)

Tue: carrot peas and aloo masala with yellow dal tadka

Wed: chana dal parantha

Thu: dal palak

Fri: peas pulao and tomato kadi



Sia said...

gosh, i try to cook acc to time table but end up just cooking what i feel like at nth hour:) enjoy ur break.

Uma said...

enjoy your break. that's a lovely menu.