Wednesday, July 9, 2008


I did the vanishing act yet again..........this time it was our trip to Yellowstone national park.
we went for the 4Th July weekend. It was unbelievably pretty. its Americas first national park, established in 1872!!!!!!!. Its that old.
picturesque landscapes, wildlife, hot springs, was all just so wonderful. the entire park actually covers three states, its that huge. we were there just for three days, but people usually spent four days to a week to actually absorb all that serenity.

I wish I could put up some pictures, but thanks to our early morning flight, in all the rush we forget our camera.!!!!!!!!!!!!!. simply foolish. we then had to get the disposal cameras, and make do with pictures taken on our cell phones.

got back Monday night, and had tiffins to make on Tuesday. hence the delay in posting my menu, and not being up to date with my blog.
As I sign in to check all the latest happenings and posts in the blogger world, I am pleasantly surprised.

Thanks Uma for making such a thoughtful and warm gesture, by passing on the friendship award. its really sweet of you.

thanks a lot Usha for passing on the blogging with a purpose award. It feels really nice. thank you once again.

Thanks guys once again.

oh ya, and as per the routine, here is what I made for my tiffins yesterday.

MON: aloo dum with garlic naan.

TUE: panchkuti dal with mixed vegetable.

WED: palak makkai with kheera raita

THU: macaroni vegetable with garlic bread

Fri: gobi mutter korma with sukhi moong dal.

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notyet100 said...

welcome back..nd congrats fro well deserved awards