Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Its almost a week since my last post. Really don't know what kept me so busy. I did spend my usual time at the computer, somehow never got to sit peacefully and update my blog.
Though this is a little late to post what I did the past Saturday, however its better late than never right?
It was a day spent with a few friends at the DEL MAR race grounds. The races start sometime mid July and go on till the labour day weekend. Its actually so much fun. they give out it freebies every weekend, its food, fun and lots of horses.........(well that is obvious, its the races!!).

we first decided to have brunch at a local french bakery in Del mar called the champagne bakery.
I love the idea of bakeries. Small cozy hang out places. with all the baking happening on site.
apt for hanging out with friends for a nice weekend brunch and that is exactly what we were doing.
The menu is simple,with a good choice of soups, salads, authentic french crepes,Panini and flat breads. for those who eat non-veg there are quite a few options (I do, but I decided to eat vegetarian that day). My friend and I ordered the Artichoke & Roasted Veggie Crepes. our better halves ordered two different varieties of flat breads. the Five Fromages Flat bread and the Pesto-Tomato Flat bread. While we waited for our orders, I checked out the display of cakes, pastries and breads.

Its so fascinating to see these little creations lined up beautifully, gleaming at us, tantalizing our taste buds. we decided to order a Cappuccino Mousse pastry after our brunch.

As our orders were placed on the table, we couldn't help but notice the portion size. unlike any other American breakfast place that serves up humongous portions of food, this one was pretty small, normal I should say. Just the right amount of food, keeping that little appetite for a coffee and a dessert.

I loved the crepes. they were light and soft. the hint of sweetness with the roasted veggies and the melted cheese gave it a really smooth taste. the flat breads were served with a tomato sauce. the crust was nice and thin (off course it was a flat bread after all). maybe the addition of a little veggies would give it a little more bite.
Five Fromages Flat bread and Pesto-Tomato Flat bread

And lastly the dessert. that was awesome. the cake was soaked in cappuccino, just the right amount, not at all overpowering. moist with the right amount of sweetness. we were four of us who shared it but trust me, I can have the whole thing all by myself.
Cappuccino Mousse pastry,second from left

I would love to try out all the other items on their dessert menu.
we hit the races after that, just on time to collect our free beach towels. though we did not bet big, but it was fun cheering the horses that we bet for and being a part of all the fun and frolic.

overall a great Saturday with friends.


Srivalli said...

oh that sounds great fun...and look at that food lined up...nice to know you enjoyed...yeah its always safe to bet less!..:)

notyet100 said...

omg i am droolin lookin at pics,...:-)danish pastries look so yum,..good to knw u enjoyed..ceeya..

FoodyGuru (Srimathi) said...

I love the location of this bakery.Did you know that they have concerts near that bakery in Delmar on Sundays. Check that one out. Its very relaxing out there. Will try out their menu the next time.

Usha said...

oooh those pastries look so tempting:) sounds like you all had a fun day :)