Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Anything which has the word cocoa or chocolate in it, makes me want it. I dont know how, but I have not seen or heard any one who doesn't like chocolate. so this chocolate sweet tooth of mine, often guides me to check out pastry shops, bakerys and dessert cafes where ever I go.

This time it was in SANTANA ROW, a place in san jose.

We were visiting san jose and fremont over the weekend for a grad party. the party got over sunday evening and we decided to take it easy the rest of the evening. so we went to this amazing area called SANTAANA ROW. An upscale place, with lots of nice eating joints, expensive shopping and good looking people.
strolling along the street, we spotted COCOLA a french bakery. And offcourse the mention of cocoa and bakery..........oh ya, we sure went right inside.
the huge crowd, both indside and outside, with a huge line to order and no seats to sit, told us that this place is indeed a famous with locals as well as tourists.

huge selection of macaroons, pastries, all looked so delicious. Rows of breads, danish, crossiants looked fresh and straight from the oven.

we tried the banana crunch and the tiramisu. The banana crunch was pretty good. But the tiramisu did not make me go carzy over it. We tried the crossiant, which was, I should say very flaky and fresh.

Overall a nice place to chill with friends and feed your sweet tooth. They had variety of sandwiches too. Probably the next time I would try them out.

I liked the place and its chilled out ambeince. A good discovery I would say.
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Shweta said...

Yum! Have you tried 'Extraordinary desserts' in San Diego?

sowmya said...

i love chocolates..they look so gorgeous..

Sunshinemom said...

Splendid! Now I am drooling:)

KALVA said...

yumm lipsmacking desserts look wonderful@