Tuesday, June 24, 2008


So this weekend came and went by so qucikly, that it felt as if we skipped it altogether. Even more so, because we got up really eary on both saturday and sunday. thanks to a graduating party we attended up in san fransisco.
my husbands uncle stays in fremont and it was his daughters high school graduation party. it was good fun. we came back to san diego, monday morning (we had to board at six thirty in the morning...............!!!!!!!!!!!!).
as soon as we reached home, i realised that i had to cook tiffin for two people. I was tired, there was nothing much that was there in the fridge and all I wanted to do is sleep. my husband left for work, and I simply hit the bed. a nap for a couple of hours rejuvenated me and I began to plan the menu. Nothing fancy,simple indian food.
Hence no pictures were taken. but none the less recipe request are more than welcome.
as per the norm, here is m y menu.

Mon : aloo gobi with chana ki dal

tue: pattagobi mutter with moog masur ki dal

wed: gujarati pulao with tomato kadi

thu: aloo parantha with mixed raita

fri : lobiya curry (black eyed peas) with onions and bell pepper fry

more to come.


Divya Vikram said...

nice menu..

notyet100 said...

evrythin looks delicious,..

Uma said...

mouth-watering menu once again! MMM....