Tuesday, November 11, 2008


My RM day two of week two. Navratan means NINE JEWELS and korma means curried . so simply put a curry made with nine jewels or nine different vegetable ingredients. A popular north indian restaurant dish,its taste has a little sweetness along with the saltiness.

here is the recipe

You will need
  • paneer (indian cheese),cubed- 1 cup
  • carrot (cubed)-1/2 cup
  • corn-1/4th cup
  • peas- 1/4th cup
  • beans (cut)- 2-3
  • tinned pineapple pieces- 4-5 pieces
  • bell peppers (green, red, yellow) - 1/2 cup mixed
  • cream-1/4th cup
  • tomato sauce-1 tbsp
  • red chilly powder-1/2 tsp
  • turmeric powder-1/4th tsp
  • tandoori masala-1 tsp
  • garam masala- 1 tsp
  • salt- to taste
  • oil- 1-2 tbsp
to be ground into a paste
  • cashews-1/2 cup (soaked)
  • onion-1
  • ginger 1/2 piece
  • garlic-1-2
  • green chillies-2-3
You have to
  1. grind all the above ingredients in a blender or processor
  2. heat oil in a pan. add the ground paste.
  3. fry the paste till it begins to brown.
  4. add all the vegetables, add salt and turmeric powder along with little water.
  5. cover and cook.
  6. once the vegetables are tender add the pineapple pieces and the paneer pieces.
  7. cook everything for a few minutes. Now add rest of the spices.
  8. add the tomato sauce and the cream.mix
  9. add little water and let it all simmer till the gravy begins to thicken.
  10. taste for seasoning.
  11. serve hot with naan.

This actually tastes better a day later as all the spices settles in actually helps in developing the taste. So next time there are people over for dinner, you can make this in advance and enjoy with your guests......

the RM'S are on a roll

1) DK 2) Siri 3) Srivalli 4) Ranji 5)PJ 6)Curry Leaf 7)Medha 8)Priya 9)Bhawna 10)Raaji 11)Ruchii 12)Anu 13)Kamala 14)Roopa 15)Divya Kudua 16)Rekha 17)Divya M 18)Lakshmi 19)Raaga 20)Lakshmi Venkatesh 21)Sripriya 22)Viji 23)Pavani


Cham said...

That looks delicious with load of veggies :)

ranji said...

thats one colorful and yummy kurma.. i love navrathan kurma...i add pineaple and grapes too...its delicious...:)

kamala said...

Welcome to Rm..Kurma looks delicious.

ranji said...

hey happy to know u r part of RM too...welcome aboard :)..will add u in the list now itself :)...

Medhaa said...

Welcome to the marathon, its fun having you run too. Love navrathan Korma this looks delicious

Madhu said...

Hi Karuna,
WElcome to RM, nice have you run along with us. You have posted nice recipes so far.

Usha said...

Kurma looks delicious...