Friday, November 28, 2008


The past few days have been a little crazy. first my husband left for India. He had a lay over in mumbai the day the most horrific of incidents in the history of the country occurred. He reached his destination just fine. Then my brother was here for thanksgiving, so was busy with that.

And then yesterday I came down with fever.  There was so much happening, that I got left behind in the recipe marathon too. was short by just a week. I guess better luck next time. 

Apart from just a few dishes I made when my brother was there, I have not been cooking much. 
since I was feeling a little better today, I thought of atleast updating my blog with a few recipes I made last week.

vegetable Manchurian, is one of them, that I made just a day before my husband was leaving.
We both love Chinese and with no options for Indian Chinese,I end up making it at home.
I wonder what's the history behind the name"vegetable Manchurian".
anyways here is the recipe

You will need

for the manchurain balls
  • carrot-2-3
  • cabbage-1/2 
  • garlic-1-2
  • cornflour
  • salt and pepper
  • oil- to fry
for the gravy
  • onion-1
  • garlic-1-2
  • soy sauce-2 tbsp
  • chilly sauce-1 tbsp
  • vinegar-1 tbsp
  • green onion-2-3
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • sugar-1/2 tsp
  • water-1 cup
  • cornflour-1 tbsp
You have to 

for the manchurian balls
  1. grate the cabbage and carrot.
  2. chop the garlic and add to the grated carrot and cabbage
  3. add the salt and pepper
  4. add cornflour and mix everything up.
  5. heat oil in a pan.
  6. take a little bit of the mixture, squeeze it. (there will be water) and shape into ball. fry till golden brown.
  7. note: initially fry one ball and see. if it doesn't break fine. But if it breaks add some more cornflour. You will have to squeeze out the excess water before making the balls and frying.

fried manchurain balls

for the gravy
  1. finally chop the onion and the garlic
  2. in a pan take around 1 tbsp of the same oil (that you used for frying the Manchurian balls).
  3. add the chopped onion and the garlic. saute till transparent
  4. in a bowl mix the soy sauce, chilly sauce and the vinegar. add the salt, pepper and sugar.
  5. mix in the water. add the mixture to the fried onions and garlic.
  6. in a smaller bowl dissolve the cornflour in water and add it to the gravy, mixing constantly.
  7. check for seasoning. add the manchurain balls right before serving.
  8. garnish with green onions.
  9. serve hot with rice and /or noodles.



Cham said...

Take care, the manch looks delicious and perfect!

Raaga said...

take care... hope you are better now

Usha said...

Take care hope you get better soon, glad to know your husband reached his destination safely...your manchurian looks yummy !

sowmya said...

i made with baby corn yesterday..yours look so delicious..

rekhas kitchen said...

wow you are tempting me a lot dear mouth watering