Thursday, November 13, 2008


I find potatoes as the most versatile of all the veggies. Cook it any way and it tastes good. And there are unlimited recipe combinations that one can get using potatoes. This time I made a dry version of aloo dum.

Here is the recipe for RECIPE MARATHON DAY 13

You will need
  • small baby potatoes- 6-7
  • cumin seeds- 1/2 tsp
  • red chilly powder-1/2 tsp
  • chat masala-1/4th tsp
  • garam masala- 1 tsp
  • kasoori meethi (fenugreek leaves)-1/2cup
  • curd-1/2 cup
  • tandoori masala-1/2-1 tsp
  • salt to taste
  • oil- 2 tbsp

You have to
  1. semi bowl the potatoes. You can microwave it for 5-7 minutes. they should not be over boiled, as they will cook over the gas too.
  2. In a bowl take curd, add one tbsp of the oil and all the spices except the cumin seeds, garam masala and kasoori meethi.
  3. add the boiled potatoes to the curd and spices mix.
  4. let it marinade for around half an hour.
  5. heat the rest of the oil in a pan.
  6. add the cumin seeds. once they splutter add the entire mix of curd, spices and the potatoes.
  7. add the kasoori meethi, cover and cook on low.
  8. let it simmer till the masala begins to dry, you might have to add little water to get the masala to coat the potatoes.
  9. check if the potatoes are properly cooked. sprinkle the garam masala powder.
  10. let it cook uncovered till the gravy dries up.
  11. serve hot with toothpicks as a snack or as a side dish with a curry along with chapati, naan or any other flat breads.


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kamala said...

Nice entry Karuna..Good to run with you in RM

Priya said...

Wow its really awesome..delicious, mouthwatering recipe...glad to have u n run along with u in RM...

Lisa said...

A fine way to dress up potatoes!

Curry Leaf said...

Nice entry.I love spicy food

raaji said...

Never the late.....great that u posted 10 recipes to be part of this.......Karuna lovely baby potatoes

Roopa said...

arrey wah:) That looks so tasty :) I like the well cooked look of potatoes:)

Lakshmi Venkatesh said...

Looks Delicious. Welcome to RM#2.

Bhawana said...

wow Karuna looks soo spicy and mouthwatering recipe. would be a great dish with dal and rice. yummy.

Srivalli said...

lovely dish karuna..

Medhaa said...

Love Aloo Dum, this is a different recipe looks good

Arundathi said...

that looks awesome. nice to know you don't need a dum to make dum aloo.

vivari said...

the potatoes look nice
we like small potatoes
will try this one

Madhu said...

Like your recipe of dum aloo with curds, will try out.

Alka said...

Lovely recipe ! Have some baby potatoes in my pantry ,so i guess this will be apt way to utilize them!

Mansi said...

I've made this at home before, albeit without the kasoori methi:) but love your aloo karuna! looks great!

btw, you could send this in for my vegetarian thanksgiving recipe event!:)

karuna said...

hello everyone, so nice to know that u'll like this version of dum aloo

Divya Kudua said...

Yummy baingan bharta..something which I've never tried before!!Adding peas to it is a great addition..;-)

Divya Kudua said...

Great dish to have baby potatoes curry with rotis..;-)

rekhas kitchen said...

Ilove to have like this dry curries u r s looks so mouth watering will try this sure